Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation insurance – or worker’s comp for short – protects both the employee and the employer, and is required in nearly every state in the U.S.  Worker’s comp ensures that employees are taken care of financially in the result of a workplace injury.  This includes medical and rehabilitative expenses, and income for the employee during their time of recovery.  The worker’s comp insurance also protects the business from being sued by the injured employee, in most cases. Therefore, the right worker’s compensation insurance should be strongly considered for your business to protect it as well as your workers.

With worker’s comp insurance, it doesn’t matter whether the employer or employee are at fault.  Worker’s comp will cover the incident.   Our Business Insurance Specialists work with clients to review their worker’s comp package annually, making suggestions on ways to improve workplace safety.

What does Workers Compensation Typically Cover?

Worker’s comp packages generally cover:

  • Any injury on the job
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Respiratory issues resulting from work
  • Liability
  • Medical costs
  • Rehab costs
  • Income replacement
  • Death or dismemberment

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