Safety Tips for Businesses

Safety Tips for Business


Working with businesses for 112 years, we have become experts in helping to protect businesses from loss and improve employee safety.  We’ve used our experience in insurance to provide you with some safety tips to protect you and your business.

  • The Evolving Role of B2C Marketing

    Technological advancements in business are creating new avenues for engaging consumers. This infographic can explain how your business can better communicate with your customer base. Read more

  • Lockout Tagout

    If any employees of a company are required to perform hazardous maintenance or repair of machines and equipment, a formal, written Lockout/Tagout Program must be developed and implemented. This program must include machine-specific procedures […] Read more

  • Driver Safety – Winter Driving

    Are you ready for winter’s slippery road conditions?  Poor driving conditions are one of the biggest winter safety concerns. A little extra preparation is needed to assure driver safety during winter months or other […] Read more

  • Drum Handling

    Improper handling of drums and barrels can result in severe injuries. These include painful back sprains, smashed toes and fingers, or exposure to hazardous chemicals if the contents are leaking. Proper work practices can […] Read more

  • Avoiding Electrical Shock

    Electrical hazards can be found in all industries. Avoiding electrical shocks both at home and at work requires awareness of the hazards and respect for this “Silent Killer.” The human body has a low […] Read more

  • Personal Ergonomics

    What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of matching tools and tasks to the work environment. In other words, ergonomics tries to make your job fit you, rather than making you fit your job. […] Read more

  • Portable Abrasive Wheels

    Portable abrasive wheels have most of the hazards of the wheels mounted on fixed stands. The fact that they’re portable makes them more hazardous in some ways. They have to take lots of punishment […] Read more

  • Power Line Contacts in Construction

    Each year, 55 construction workers are killed by electrocution from contact with overhead power lines. Over 90 percent of the contacts involved overhead distribution lines. These are the same lines that run in the […] Read more

  • Rigging

    Rigging looks like an easy operation, one that doesn’t seem to require any particular skill or experience. But don’t be fooled. Many people who’ve thought that “anyone can do it” have lost fingers or […] Read more

  • Stairs and Walkways

    Stairways and walkways in all businesses can be the cause of injury accidents. These passageways do not typically get the maintenance they need, since they are “only” access ways and not production areas. Here […] Read more

  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness

    Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, and often times fatal without any warning symptoms. Be aware of the dangers of CO, and learn what you can do to detect its presence. Read more

  • Welding Fires

    On of the worst factory fires in history was started by sparks from a portable welding outfit, which ignited liquid in a conveyor drip pan. The French liner, Normandie, which was being refitted to […] Read more