Improving Stress in the Workplace

Improving Stress in the Workplace

Stress is a leading contributor to many health problems, and the workplace can often be a major trigger. As an employer, it’s important to ensure that your workplace is not contributing to employees’ stress levels. You can take several steps to reduce stress in the workplace, which can assist in improving employee health, morale, and productivity.

Here are some ways your organization can help reduce employee stress:

  • Swiftly address any job-related issues that may be causing unnecessary stress to your employees, like workloads, communication, interoffice bullying, discrimination, or other similar behaviors.
  • Review your office policies and consider increasing the number of paid vacation or personal days that you give to employees. Encourage employees to take the vacation days available to them each year.
  • Make sure your employees know they are valued and appreciated by recognizing and celebrating their successes, even when they’re small. Like employee anniversaries!
  • Provide employees with the education and tools to help them cope with daily stressors inside & outside of the workplace. This can include, nutritional tips, mental health resources & more.
  • Implement a variety of activities and initiatives to help reduce stress in the workplace. Some suggestions include:
      • Corporate chair massages once per week, bi-weekly or monthly.
      • Provide a designated space where employees can sit quietly and use meditation or prayer to alleviate their stress.
      • Host a comedy day—you cannot worry and laugh at the same time! Bring in a stand-up comedian, show old black-and-white comedies or hold a contest for the funniest home videos or jokes.
      • Print your company logo or a funny joke on stress-relieving squeeze balls and give them to employees.
      • Initiate a wellness contest where employees can engage & have fun, while promoting good health.

Remember, happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers mean better business! So it’s vital to consider the above suggestions, if you want to cultivate a positive & supportive workplace culture.

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