Construction Applications for Commercial Drones

Construction Applications for Commercial Drones

More and more contractors are employing the use of drones throughout the duration of their projects. An article written by outlines seven ways that these contractors are using their drones for various on-site applications. Below is a brief overview of the content and how the use of a drone can prove invaluable during your next project.



Modern drones can be easily equipped with surveying technology to give you accurate maps of your job site including topography and other complex data. This technology is proven to be quicker and more accurate than current methods of surveying and eliminates the need for surveying tools and machinery.


Analyzing Data

Data that is collected and recorded by tools attached to the drone can be used to compile easy to understand analyses such as high-resolution maps and 3D displays. They can show elevation, problem areas, a rendering of the completed project vs the untouched area, and more!


Showing Progress

For many contractors, clients will be wanting to see real-time updates on the progression of their project. Drones can easily take pictures and video of the job site daily which can then be easily shared with the client to keep them knowledgeable. These progression images can be great tools for understanding the direction of the project and what the layout of the completed project will look like.


Monitoring Job Sites

Foremen and project managers are using drones to ensure productivity and operations are always at their peak. They are using the drone images to monitor problem areas of the site or what piece of the project needs immediate attention and then allocating their workers to that task. Time is money and making sure that workers are on task is crucial to the completion of the project and the happiness of the client.


Inspecting Structures 

Drones can be equipped with technology that can identify the integrity of constructed structures. This saves the need for heavy machinery and is a huge cut to liability on a project site. Instead of sending in workers to inspect structurally unstable or deteriorating areas, drones can be sent in to identify potential issues without risk of harm to human lives. Inspection footage can also be used to show off the accomplishments of the latest projects to future clients.


Safety Records 

Drone observation is becoming unmatched in the field of real time safety. They can be used to identify immediate risks and then workers can be contacted to steer clear of the danger before an incident arises. Injury prevention is arguably the best aspect of having overhead monitoring on a job site. Sites with drone based risk prevention tend to have reduced incident reporting and increased overall safety.


Keeping the Project on Track and on Budget

Project managers can use drones to ensure that areas of the project that are beginning to go off-track can be righted before causing any delay to their agreed upon schedule. This gives more control over the project and provides extra security so that problems can be corrected quickly before any serious monetary penalties befall the contractor.


The use of drones for construction projects is beginning to take hold very quickly in the world of contracting. Consider getting proper licensing and insurance for a commercial use drone and see just how well it can serve you in your on site projects in the future. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of a drone on your job site, follow the link below.


7 Ways You Could Use A Drone In Your Construction Projects