Pre and Post Flight Checks

Pre and Post Flight Checks

There are many safety responsibilities that come with owning and flying a drone. Remaining diligent with drone maintenance can greatly reduce your risk of losing your drone or harming someone while flying. Review the pre and post flight checklist below every time you fly your drone to ensure the safety of yourself and people around you.


  • Be sure that your drone’s battery and transmitter’s battery are fully charged. Poorly charged batteries can easily cause flight connectivity issues.
  • Know the limits of your drone. Have an understanding of the weight capacity, flight time, and range your drone can fly.
  • Check the drone’s moving and non moving parts. Be sure everything is securely connected prior to flight.
  • Check the propellers for damage. Cracked or loosely fitting propellers will cause stabilization issues and could even cause you to lose control of your drone.
  • Ensure the battery is connected securely. Close the battery door and securely connect the battery to the drone to keep it from falling away mid flight.
  • Check the motor and electronic speed control to ensure that they are working properly before flight.
  • Examine the frame and landing gear of the drone for any issues that may cause complications when attempting to land the drone.
  • Be sure that all lights and lenses are clean and function properly so that the drone can be easily spotted, especially at night.


  • Observe the drone for any damage from a potential collision or crash.
  • Check to be sure all moving parts including the propellers are secure.
  • Check the battery for signs of overheating, warping or swelling. If you notice any abnormality in the battery such as decoloring, remove it immediately from the drone.
  • Check the levels and efficiency of the power of the battery.
  • Re-examine the landing gear of the drone to ensure it has not sustained any damage during landing.
  • Clean all lights and be sure they are all functioning properly for the next flight.

Follow these drone flight checks to greatly increase the life of your drone and get the most out of your investment!