Kinney Pike + OneDigital FAQ

Kinney Pike + OneDigital FAQ

Will my insurance be changing?

No, your insurance policies will stay as-is. We will continue to work with local, regional & national carriers to bring you the same great coverage we always have.

Will my billing be changing?

We recognize that everyone’s billing situation is different. In most cases, your billing will still go through Kinney Pike Insurance. If you have any specific questions regarding this, we suggest reaching out to your Kinney Pike agent.

Is my local Kinney Pike office closing?

No, all six of Kinney Pike’s Vermont locations will remain open, and our helpful staff will continue to be here to serve your insurance needs. 

Will I still be able to contact you?

Yes! While our staff email addresses and other systems were recently updated, you can continue to reach us at our current Kinney Pike emails addresses & phone numbers. However, please don’t be alarmed if you see an email message or phone call coming from OneDigital. You can find our contact information here.

Will you now offer additional services, including retirement & wealth management?

Yes! One of the perks of partnering with a company like OneDigital is our clients will now have access to loads of resources, including personal retirement & wealth management. Read more about those services here:

KPI + OneDigital Fact Sheet

Last Updated: 3/28/22