Group Disability and Life Insurance

Group Disability and Life Insurance

What does group disability insurance typically cover?

Group disability insurance can be offered to employees to assist when an illness or injury results in a substantial loss of work time. In most circumstances, an employee’s greatest asset is the ability to earn wages. Disability plans are designed to replace a portion of the employee’s compensation, and can be a valuable benefit for many employees.

Why group life insurance for your employees?

Group term life insurance typically has low premium costs and allows for guaranteed issue up to a specified amount. This, too, is a great hiring and retention tool for employers, to attract and retain great employees.

Why Kinney Pike for group disability and life insurance?

Talk with one of our Employee Benefits Specialists to learn more. With our large independent agency structure, we are able to navigate dozens of insurance markets to find the best group insurance policy for your business.

Group Disability and Life Insurance Specialists

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